Point. Click. Transfect.

Frustrated with not being able to transfect your cells with conventional techniques?

Concerned with depleting rare cell samples?

Tired of consuming expensive reagents?

Exhausted with laborious techniques looking for your target cell?

Introducing the NFP-E™ System, the first fully automated single cell transfection technology for adherent cells

  • Hard to Transfect Cells – Transfection of challenging cells which bulk transfection cannot adequately address
  • Automated – Software and robotics allow for simple user operation
  • Convenient – Capable of being mounted on any inverted microscope and compatible with standard well plates (6-well, 12-well, and 24-well plates)
  • Precise – Targeted spatial positioning with localized application of an electric field
  • Temporal Probing – Same cell can be transfected over time
  • Efficiency – Low applied voltages (5-100 V) and no mechanical stress lead to highly efficient delivery and viability of cell
  • Versatile – Optimize key parameters freely or use our pre-set menu

The NFP-E™ is an innovative system unlike any other system on the market today.



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